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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My New Burn

              My Optima 1 pyrography burner arrived in the mail today which was very exciting.  However, I can't figure out why the mailman had to put it behind the house in the patio...when we were home.  I was very pleased with the package, the pens, and everything that came with it.  The quality is great and I can't wait to get started burning.  

              My only wonder is how the owner of the company could tell me not to burn red oak and yew (red oak being odoriferous and yew vapors being toxic) when the package he sent me reeked of cigar smoke.  I might inhale red oak and yew vapors anyday before I stuck my nose within a good four yards of cigar smoke. 

             I have found upon experimenting that oak does not make a good burning surface and will not keep it stocked.  Cherry is very nice and Maple is as well although I haven't had any oppourtunity to burn on Maple.  Basswood is by far my favorite.  So now that I have my new burner you will see some old projects springing forth again...and some aweome new ones.  Although, one highly top secret project will not be posted until the end of May.

              Apart from pyrography my friend who asked to see me playing my panlfute also wanted to see me playing my silver flute.  Getting a good quality video of any piece I have practised lately is hard so I've pulled one from not TOO long ago.  My May 2010 flute recital.  The church made for an excellent flute space...so echoee.  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

WOW! that was beautiful!!! very "intense" :). -Amber

Laurisa said...

It is a Native American piece which is pretty obvious throughout. The church had the perfect accoustics for this piece...so echoy as I believe I said. Glad you noticed the intensity. I don't appear to feel the music or move much...but it was only my second recital ever.