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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rearing to Go

           I'm out to buy wood today and am very eager to get started on my next two portraits.  I have various pieces of wood laying around my art table but none of them will do.  The basswood bark doesn't fit the one picture while the shape does.  The same basswood piece fits the other portrait but the size definitely does not.  So I'm out on a hunt for hardwoods such as Cherry, Oak, and Pecan that will compliment these pieces.  My biggest problems here will be size again.  I could downsize the portraits...but I feel that they do need to be larger.  

            I thought about giving all you dear readers a spoiler and showing you the plans for my latest and greatest, but I feel that holding you in suspense just a little longer is okay.  If time permits today, I will begin mapping the wood and even burning.  

            And in a few days my new Havalon Piranta blade should come in and I'll begin work on my taxidermy projects:  making a panflute tote/carry case out of buck hide, and a deer foot coat/gun rack (that I will burn wildlife into the wood above).  

            One last note, I have opened up an Etsy shop which I will be listing my items on.  My shop name is Licksoffire but I still go under my penname, Phoenix Pyrocreations.  In the following weeks you'll be sure to see some of my work listed on Etsy and also displayed here.  

           Thank you for stopping by!  Please come by again and subscribe or follow my blog! 

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