Welcome to my blog. I am a young, self-taught artist from the Gulf Coast, who wants to provide pyrographic artwork that sends a clear strong message. Please take time to look through my pages and posts. I appreciate comments, love making new friends, and covet faithful followers. Shout hello if you know me, or are just passing through.


Roe: This portrait is a second burning I did for that close friend, of her beloved horse, Roe, who passed away years ago.  I reconstructed this picture from an old cut-out photograph.  It too me forever to burn, but I was pleased with the results.  She is too.   You can find start to finish pictures and music videos on my facebook page!!

Daisy: A sweet little Dachshund piece I did for a close friend in town.  This portrait is of her lil' Brat Daisy who I know personally.  She was so much fun to burn, hot pink toenails and all.

The Harney Peak Eagles: 

A special Anniversary piece sold to a lovely couple in from Nebraska!  I am still in love with this piece.  Please see my Etsy shop or FB for current sale pieces.

Loon Commission:

Requested by and sold to Anna, for her grandfather's birthday. 

My first "water" or "water fowl" piece for that matter.  A very nice burning.

"Native American Talking Stick":

This gorgeous piece of hardwood was skillfully crafted into a Native American Talking Stick to be proudly displayed or used everyday in your home or classroom. An excellent symbol of order and right to and respect of opinion, the talking stick can go beyond a Native American Indian collection piece.

This special talking stick is a brilliant blood red, accented with precious Turqoise stones, wooden beads, Raven feathers, and burns. I personally fell in love with the knots and wrinkles in the bark throughout and it's solid club-like feel. It is definately a commandeering object for restoring order and peace.
This talking stick is a pleasure to hold and it will give you strength and confidence when talking before any audience.

Dun Paint & Medicine Hat Sabino Splash Stallion: 

These two sold in separate listings.  I was a little sad to see them go, but not as much as I will be when Orin sells.  At least they will have good homes.

"Fat Chef" Custom Commission

I am proud to offer this custom commission piece in my available art section.  It was a pleasure to create and I love it so much I have adopted it as my 2011 Fat Chef design.

"Taking First" SOLD!!

My jaw still hurts from when it hit the floor. This is another moment, where my achievement scared me as bad as a previous failure did.  I do believe that this piece outdoes the eagles I've done by a long shot. 

It took me a month or so before the inspiration came for this particular basswood piece.  I wanted to avoid horses because that's what I'm best at and I've been drawing them all my life.  But somehow, the thought of the Kentucky Derby came to my mind.  Perhaps it's the knowing that the World Equestrian Games of 2010 are here. 

The tones and shading of this work are marvelous to say the least and as usual the camera doesn't do it justice.
I believe that the running horses vividly portray motion and the mood of the piece.  The camera doesn't quite capture the winning spirit in the horses' eyes nor does it adequately convey the connection between rider and horse.  The sepia tones on the wood give the entire work a sense of antiquity, as if it is a portrayal of old fashioned horse racing.  Almost as if it is a photograph from the 20's or 30's. 

Past Projects:

This piece was given as a gift.  Original Article dated September 2010, titled "What I've Done"


This piece was given to my father for his birthday.  It was done over July 2010.  Original article found in September 2010, "What I've Done"

Other side of lap-desk.


Created for my little cousin as she grows and needs to reach new heights.  Original article in September 2010, "What I've Done"

Finished work was varnished and sealed.