Welcome to my blog. I am a young, self-taught artist from the Gulf Coast, who wants to provide pyrographic artwork that sends a clear strong message. Please take time to look through my pages and posts. I appreciate comments, love making new friends, and covet faithful followers. Shout hello if you know me, or are just passing through.

Contact Me

Hi: My name is Laurisa Borlovan.  I started Phoenix Pyrocreations shortly after picking up my first craft woodburning iron in June of 2010.  I want my blog to be a place where everyone can come and see what I've been up to in the pyrographic art world.  You may have already noticed that now and then I'll stray from pyrography and pull off a project in the graphite, model horse, or taxidermy field because I have a wide range of interests.  

I also want my little corner of the web to be the place to meet others who are inspired by my work or have similar interests.   But you don't have to be artsy to be welcome.  You can come and simply enjoy what I have to offer and what I am up to.   

I began my Pyrocreations burnings when I turned 17.  I hope to provide you with just what you are looking for, wether it be something cute or quaint, or rustic and pristine.  I enjoy portraying wildlife more than anything but I don't mind straying off the path now and then and blazing a new trail with a human portrait or still life. ...or even one of those "what is it?" contemporary pieces.  I love what I do and I hope to provide you with a large variety of wooden home decor wether it be an exsisting available pyrocreation or a custom work made just for you.  These inspirational works of art you will cherish forever. 

I love hearing from old friends and making new acquaintances so don't be shy about dropping comments and hellos.  Following and Subscribing is simple as well and I highly encourage it.  And definately don't be shy about telling others about my blog.  I can also be found on Etsy under the name Licksoffire and on Facebook at Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography.

I can be contacted at phoenixpyrocreations@gmail.com or on my facebook page and will answer all appropriate emails as soon as I can.

Thankyou for visiting and Godbless