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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Far Side

 Friends!! Here we have the completion of my Lunar Landscape!!  A Kaleidoscopic view of space, from the far side of the Moon.  No atmosphere or light interferes on the dark-side, giving the viewer, a rather Divine perspective.

As before stated, there are numerous hidden images in this wood-piece.  I welcome any feedback from anyone who thinks that they see what they may or may not see.  In person, this stunning piece is best viewed from a distance.  But as one steps closer, all those galaxies, planets, and stars separate and become a lovely medley of colors.     The pearl in ever speck of stardust gives it a brilliance the camera, sadly, cannot capture.  I hesitate to part with this work.  I hope to offer it in print very soon. 

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Galactic Lunar Landscape

 I have let the Cowboy at the Cross portrait sit repeatedly so as to spot any problem areas that need touching up.  Overall it is a pleasant piece that I must be proud of.  All of my pieces are stepping stones to something better.  It is a learning process.

I would be so happy for some constructive criticism on this piece.

Then I was inspired to do a moon-landscape.  I wondered what the dark-side of the moon looks like.  I considered how the sky from any object without an atmosphere might look.  And I was led to create this piece- a rather dramatic burning.

This work came entirely from the heart.  No reference photographs and very abstract, random pen-strokes.  I let the heart take my hand and go with it where it willed.  And the results were astonishing.  This is probably as abstract as I'll ever go, though I truly love illusions.  I also took the liberty to hide many images in this piece.  I will not divulge the images hidden or their location.  But most of the images can already be found in the night sky.

Working on the moon craters, adding texture.  Establishing the nebulae and layout of Milky Way.  Also added three planets and a cluster of galaxies.

Completion pictures will be posted soon.  I aim to make prints of this work.  And hope to do more astronomy pictures, as well as some astrology works.