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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cujo Commission Complete!!

At last, the adorable Chihuahua pooch is complete!! And I am very pleased with the results.

One mistake I will remember not to make again, is to oil-color the wood before applying wood oils. (DO it after!)  The oils washed away all the white highlights so that I had to re highlight the picture.

I loved what the oils did for the wood, (and was surprised what it did for an ordinary basswood round) and hope to use it on many future pieces.

So here is beloved Cujo!!   My second dog portrait ever...and one I feel I can be right proud of.  I am always willing to take commissions...but I feel the urge to do a nice chess board soon.  This project has been years in my head...so I don't know where I'll find the perfect piece of wood for it, or when I'll get my hands on it.

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