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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dinah was GONE

         The other day I had quite a scare.  A feral cat living in the neighborhood had alread taken three of my chickens when they were very young and was still hanging around.  I've been very conscious of him and take measures to protect from flock from him.  But the other day I walked out and found Dinah missing.  I called for her and walked all the way around the property calling and calling and looking. 

          After employing the rest of the family in my search and to no avail  I began to let my mind convince me that even though there were no feather found anywhere ...some predator must have taken my little Dinah.  I began to cry...and determined to get on the computer right then and spend $150 on a varmint pellet gun that would rid me of any predator that crossed over onto my property and threatened my birds. 

          A few minutes later, Mom called me because she had found Dinah, sneaking out from under the house.  After I chased her down and killed her (figuratively) and hugged her close and kissed her and cried some more, relieved to have her back, I spanked her (lovingly) set her down and went under the house to see what she had been doing all this time. 

         As I had suspected, there was a pile of eggs in the sand.  She had hunkered down and kept quiet to protect her collection!! 

         Today I completely skinned the deer feet and salted them.  Now I will have to keep an eye out for that perfect piece of wood to mount them on.  I will not burn on pine, so I hope to find some Oak or Walnut, even Cherry would be better. 

          I have halted work on special edition pieces temporarily while I go about purchasing a temperature controlled iron.

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