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Wood & Shipping Guide

At this time I only use PayPal to make transactions.  This may require you to set up a Paypal account if you do not already have one.

I have categorized all of my wood pieces to make shipping prices easier.  (Note:   Basswood rounds must be weighed individually and sent Priority or Parcel.) 

You have the options of Priority, Parcel, and First Class in a Large Envelope. 
            I ship from Zone 1. 
            Sorry, but  I ONLY ship to the 48 continental states and Canada at this time.  I do hope  to expand my shipping later.

It is highly likely that I can provide you with more wood than what is shown here.  If you want a commissioned piece done than I will certainly find the perfect piece for it.

It is sometimes possible to ship these First Class in a large padded manila envelope at $6.00.  I will let you know if the weight will be under 13 ounces and you have this option. Weight varies slightly.

Sent as Parcel, the shipping is $8.00 and it will arrive in a large padded manila envelope.

If you prefer Priority in a box, the shipping is $14.00.

Basswood rounds and rectangles come in various shapes and sizes and must be weighed individually.  They will only be shipped in boxes to ensure that the bark does not fall off.
 They may be shipped Priority or Parcel.

 This appealing basswood piece ships Parcel and Priority.

Priority shipping is $10.50

This sign ships Priority in a large manila envelope at anywhere between $8.00 to $13.00 depending on the zone in which you live. 

It also ships Parcel at $8.00 to $11.00 depending on the zone in which you live.

This gorgeous wooden plate was rescued from the recesses of a dusty store shelf.  It is currently available as a custom piece meaning you get to dictate what goes on it. 

It measures 14'' lengthwise and 9'' tall and is carved from a heavier wood like oak or pecan. 

Shipping Price coming soon.

This beautiful piece of cherry measures 12'' tall and 9'' wide.   See shipping prices for square piece below.

Another beautiful piece of cherry but in a different shape.  This piece measures 12'' X 9'' just like the one above.  This wood piece comes in Oak also.

If it ships Parcel: $6.15-$10.00

If you would like several wood pieces or to combine shipping on this piece with another Priority is a good option.  It would come in a large flat rate box at $18.00