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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Piano Guys

HI Everyone,

This is a different sort of post.  I will link you to some amazing music!!  Recently, a friend and I were chatting away on Facebook and she shot me a link to a you tube video.  When I watched it I didn't hesitate to subscribe to the channel.  And now, I am going to share it with you!!

I am a super big fan of the Piano Guys!!  Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson (name?) from St. George, Utah.  Jon Schmidt performs on the piano, and Mr. Steven on the Cello.  The two have only been at their you tube videos for just under 6-8 months and already have a big following.  I only wish I could have found them when their following wasn't so large, but I am here to make it bigger!!

I won't say another word about it because now it is up to you to explore the links below to their channels.  Here is Jon Schmidt's personal channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/carlosian2
He has a wonderful variety of music there.

And here is the official Piano Guy's channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePianoGuys
Which will in turn take you to the official Piano Guy's website and other sources.  Check these guy's out and if you like them- which you will, give them your support.

That is all fellow artists,
Get watching those videos!!

BTW- their music is playing on this blog now. ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Commissions Lined Up

I have commissions lined up and one has a special deadline.  May I introduce the Harney Peak Eagles- being burned in time for March 21st for a special anniversary.  
 This gorgeous piece is of two eagles - talons locked, sailing above the granite needles of Harney Peak in South Dakota, the home of Mt. Rushmore.

I debated weather or not to put the historic fire tower in this picture, but the granite needles seemed a much more dramatic effect than the layout the rocks around the tower presented.  There was too much depth and scope to be captured, a lot of foreground and a sea of background.

The sharp needles however...seem to do this picture wonders and I am very excited to be burning it.
After this one I have a horse commission and then if nothing else shows up at my steps, I'll go back to the cowboy portrait and a nifty little piece of leather I have planned out to burn.

I am eager to try out leather burning!!

Am hoping to turn out some cartoon portraits soon, but my sense of humor isn't...well... I've never been able to put it on paper, pen it, or re-create it in any fashion.  It just comes out, makes the room laugh...and then it's gone.  sighs, oh well.

Thanks for stopping by,
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Updates is What This Blog is ALL About

Page views have really been down, but then, Facebook is like THE internet for a lot of people now.  I haven't had much time for blogging, but if I may be allowed to ramble for a few minutes I'll just say that:

Jaw Surgery didn't put me behind or out of the mood.  I healed up quickly, swelling went down super-fast, it was the easiest thing I ever did - totally easier than having wisdom teeth removed.  And apart from still being on a broken jaw diet, it's not all that bad.  I can do things like blend up my turkey breast dinner and scarf it down with mash potatoes quicker than anyone else because they have to chew it and I don't!!  I may post a Jaw surgery post in a few days here for those of you looking into Jaw surgery to help encourage you about the path ahead.  I know my life story has always been to handle sickness, injury, and surgery better than everyone else (I always do) but I know there are other people out there who don't and wont swell nearly as bad as I did even and who probably handle pain even better than I do.  So I will proceed to encourage.  It was easy.  Is easy.

My Big boy, Wyatt, a beautiful Easter Egger rooster, passed away in my arms the other day after battling a fowl illness called Coccidosis.  It took him rather quickly and I am very sad that he is gone.  I put the flowers the orthodontist and oral surgeon gave me on his grave.  This has kept me out of the burning mood.

And on Wednesday I went down to pay tribute to a fallen police officer, a man who was killed in action, Officer Steven Green of the Mobile Police Department.  The motorcade procession was impressive for such a sombre time and included sqad cards and officers from surrounding states and counties!!!  I would estimate the procession included 150 motorcycles, several ambulances, firetrucks, Marine police, Airport security, state troopers, Judges, lawyers, state representatives, the mayor, K-9 units, and retired military, not to mention the large group of family, and the wide circle of friends, and then his lovely wife, all mourning the loss of their hero.  I stood there at attention with my hand on my heart for just over 40 minutes until the last vehicle passed.  It was quite a procession and one he well deserved.

Now, on to pyrography!! Yet another client commission is out of the way and I have continued burning the Cowboy portrait.  However, sadly, my camera is not taking good pictures of my work no matter what lighting and backdrop I try, so bear with me.  These are the best representations of my work at this time.

       There is more burn present than what met the camera's eye.  I am about to kill the family camera.  Or...I am apparently, no photographer!!

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