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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year Excitment

With the New Year, 2013, there will be some changes to Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography.

First off, I will be offering High Quality Prints of my burnings for gorgeously affordable prices.

Secondly, Phoenix Pyrocreations will not only be offering Pyrocreations Prints for sale, but Photography prints for sale.

If you haven't recently, check out the Pyrocreations Shop.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Redneck Shih-tzu

     Life itself is not normal.  So why do we expect those trapped in-between the here and there to be any more normal than we are.  Even my chickens are batty- some of them.  That Amelia chick I mentioned months ago, I had to extract about two feet of cord from her crop one day.  She must have seen one giant white worm dangling from the coop rafters and decided she would be nourished for the next few days on that baby.  Boy was she ever.  It took me about a cup of oil and a lot of massaging and tugging to reverse that bit of rope from her gullet.  Amelia I called her.  Like Amelia Bedeilia.  It was a perfect fit.  And now that her egg hatched, I got one crazy little cock who stares around with that same not-normal psycho expression.   

               But in the There, or the limbo things are even less normal.  There's this mom and pop flower shop in Defiance, Ohio.  It's haunted my friend tells me; but not by any ordinary specter.  Margaret they call her.  Margaret the butt-pinching ghost.  She may have tweaked the seats of a few random customers but so far, my friend has not been molested.  When Margaret is keeping her hands to herself, she is busy tampering with the Florist's computers, opening up programs and resetting them.  

               And I can't fail to mention my normal neighbors.  They live in Section Eight housing.  They don't have much.  There's really nothing wrong with them, considering that life itself is abnormal.  But they bought this little Shih-tzu for a pretty penny a couple weeks ago.  Oh, the pooch came from a classy litter no doubt.   But it wasn't living a week in Section Eight before it became a real Dog.  The Ghetto Shee-tzoo.  They call him Gizmo.  Gizmo the full-blooded Shi-tzoo.  Gizmo sleeps outside on the land-fill driveway.  He used to be white.  But he's kind of black now.  On Gizmo's first walk, his owner, stood in the street in lounge-wear, holding a loud phone conversation while juggling a cigarette from leash hand to phone hand.  

                But who's talking.  My life has been no more normal than any of this.  It's all in how you perceive it.  Take this Chicken-nugget for example.  What do you see?

                   So this "Normal" girl is about to publish her first book.  It's years later than it should be.  -Like, I should have been published ten years ago.

             This particular story itself, was probably too awesome for me to tell.  I feel so inadequate.  But I've done my very best, and slaved away over it for over two years.... and now... it is ready... for Amazon Kindle!!  Just so you know, nothing about the book is normal. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Soon Coming Website and Prints!

So after much research about how to get quality photographs of my art for print-making, I dared to brave the unknown, on my very own.  I decided I would have to be the artist with the camera as well as with the pen.

So of my latest commission, here is the Eagle, whom I aim to offer for sale in a variety of print sizes in the very near future.  If he is my first print available for sale, he will be the start of a Phoenix Pyrocreations website as well!!  Cheers!

I am so very excited!!  

New York Police Officer's Wonderfully Big Heart

Most everybody admires a man in uniform.  We admire our soldiers, our EMT personnel, our Firefighters, our boy-scouts, our Football players, .......what about our Police officers?  You know, they're the guys you don't much like to see because they usually appear behind you with a flash of lights, just to hand you a ticket because you were going too fast, or didn't make a complete stop.

Honestly, the only times I've ever met a police officer face to face was on school field trips, or the time my home was invaded by a young man with a gun.  I think they're pretty awesome.  Sure, I haven't had one trailing me in his patrol car yet.  At I certainly haven't met one with a bad attitude yet.  They're humans, just like us.  They have faults, they have families, they have bills to pay, and personal problems.  But there are still a good deal of them who are honest, and this one in particular has a very big heart.

I am very pleased to bring into the spotlight, and document on my blog, this one particular policeman who understood that his job is not just to chase down the "bad-guys", but the assist the needy.  Here is a man, who like Saint Martin, gave part of his own cloak to the freezing beggar, and people made fun of Saint Martin, for walking around with half a robe on his shoulders.  But then Christ appeared to the soldier that night, and said, "As you did to the beggar man, so you have done it unto ME."

Here is a man who is valiant. 

Watch the Video

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Here is another photo, ....that inspires me.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thoughts on Narnia

                             Warning, this is a Ramble Post

I recently and very unexpectedly sold the Simba portrait, an early pyrographic piece to a lady from out West.  She said it was a special gift for a special grandchild of hers.  I don't normally throw goodies in the bag when shipping, but I guess inspiration struck- something possessed me to write a poem.  Here it is:

The Lion is the King of Beasts, his only fear is fire.
His eyes are embers burning,
his gaze, stronger than his jaws.
May you have a lion heart,
be courageous, know no fear.
Do not roar when you are angry, be not lazy, Simba dear.

- Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography (L.H. Borlovan)

I haven't written a poem in literally... over two years now. And when inspiration did strike two weeks ago.... a very rough... pathetic, unfinished version still lies on a piece of lined notebook paper in a pile at my headboard.

My sale was of a lion. My current commission is of an eagle- which leads to my next subject. Griffins.... Gryphons..... I am starting to prefer the latter spelling. I love Lions, and I love Eagles, so you can correctly assume that I am totally fascinated with Gryphons. Often I have people look at me oddly and say, "What's your hangup with a mythological creature?"

I don't think there is anything wrong with the image. After all, the two beasts meshed into one represent something very good in my mind. It is a symbol, a representation, not an alien or a dinosaur, or some beast of folklore and evil deed. I see the Gryphon as a very heavenly beast, not a dragon-like creature.

Which leads me to the subject of the Chronicles of Narnia. I had one cousin express how much he loved the movie and wanted me to see it, so I watched the first, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I couldn't find a really deep Christian meaning in the entire thing, but I was pleased with the film and can appreciate it for what it is. It is something I would care to see again and show others.

This past week, while visiting another cousin, I find Prince Caspian on his DVD wall. Goodies, could I help but watch it? I found even less symbolism- easily recognizable allegories and allusions woven into the plot, but again, a perfectly fascinating film. So now, my thoughts.

Just want to say, not putting Peter aside, Edmond is my favorite character in the second film. Sure he made his mistakes in the first film, but he is a bundle of fight. Gusty. Gryphon's gall. I can't tell you how many time I was shouting, "Go Edmond!" From when he shattered the white witch's ice image to running to help Peter. His character... is like ...my alter-ego. He knows no fear.

So lion-hearts aside, I just don't understand why the Gryphon has such a small part in every Narnia film. I was totally flighted by the fantastic Gryphon invasion of the second film. Epic. And so...as you can imagine, I may be burning the creature in the near future. I aim to anyway. The Lion and the Eagle... they just fit.

Monday, October 29, 2012

And the Smoke Clears

So I entered my work in the Mobile Country Greater Gulf State Fair for the first time, and Saturday took the morning to go to the fairgrounds and enjoy the bird show until they opened up for 4H exhibit.  I gathered some interesting photos along the way I thought I would share.

Check out this skinny dude.  The Cochins, Dutch Games, and Bantams made up the majority of the bird show, and seem to be more popular among hobbyists.  They are adorable and fiesty, but far too impractical for me.  

I took some reference photos at the heifer show.  I love the natural beauty of a cow.  

This set-up was for contestants to pose in front of with their animal and have their picture taken.  

Calves for auction.  The black calf kept running and hiding behind his friend whenever I came up to take a picture. 

And then, when the 4H exhibits finally opened up at noon with the rides, I meandered in and was completely surprised to find my work on display, with three ribbons attached.  Wow-zer! 

 At the other end of the exhibit were more unique pieces of art.  I took pictures of my favorites.
This wicker peak cock for example...

Sure it won first because it was the ONLY wicker creation, but I think it deserved 1st even with competition.  This was cool.

Somebody local carves some amazing walking sticks as well.

And canning...

And the pumpkins (oops, spelled Pimpkins there... haha, that gives me an idea for next year's pumpkin...I might actually enter one.)  So really, the turkey  got second, and the pig got second, the but the Angry bird deserved as much as the pig. See, those judges stuck up for the pigs.

Now that is a PIMP-kin.  ANGRY BIRDS!!

I thought this was totally ingenuitive though.  Definitely deserved 1st.

A favorite photograph that well deserved the ribbon.  I have actually seen this homeless man in my area so the picture strikes home even harder.

And there I am.  Shocked, but proud too.  I am eager to do it again next year.  Entering was easy, but next year I am going to try for the fine arts exhibit.  Competition will be tough, but the prizes are better too.  

Thanks for checking in with me.  I am beginning an eagle commission this week so follow along on FB for quick updates.  Feel free to write or comment,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would take the time to share something I've found.  As you may know I have been running around trying to figure out how to make prints of my work.  Where to start?!  This link proved to be very helpful.  Unfortunately, it has not told me how to make a digital file for the work, but it is very informative.  Take a look:


Monday, October 22, 2012

Local Fair

I've never entered a real art contest before, let alone a fair so this month has held a world of new experiences for me.  I was worried I would have to attach hangars to the back of my wood pieces- which I don't want to do until after I make prints of them- so there was a lot of pressure on me as the deadline drew close.

Every night after work I'd hasten to the table and spend most of the night burning.  I was getting...burned out.  No kidding.  But when I went to the fairgrounds, they assured me that the hanging was all taken care of.  So that was a huge relief.

Jazz is the Color is my latest burning, which I will have photographs of when they are released from the fair exhibition in two weeks.  The Saxophone burning features a tenor Sax against a double bass.  Lovely!  Can't wait to show you the completed pictures.  I also have more burn videos coming up so stay tuned for some embedded clips.

In the meantime, visit my facebook profile and page to keep up with the every-day details.

Thanks for stopping by,
Feel free to give me help and suggestions,
I am still looking around for a print-shop that suits my needs.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

All That Jazz!!

 It has been a while since I've posted last.  Apart from cutting my wood into all the wrong shapes and sizes (I had forgotten that I was going to burn a set of chess portraits), it took fresh inspiration a while to juice on through.

Then I remembered that I had also wanted to do something...musical.  And I needed two instruments that would compliment each other, both in their sounds, as well as their composition, layout, and textures.

So I went with the brassy, metallic woodwind (a Tenor Saxophone), and what I had originally hoped to be a cello, ended up being a double bass.

So far, the burn has been going slowly.  First step is to do a wash-coat sort of burn for the double bass and add the highlights and textures later.  I love how the wood grain runs with the double-bass so perfectly.
It gives it such a nice wood grain burn.  I hope to use two different oils when this piece is finished to bring out the yellow in the sax, and some reds in the double bass.

This birch ply is so much fun to work with, and I am carefully planning out my future pieces to offer prints of. It will be an exciting month, when I receive my first framed prints to sell!!!

As always, you can get more updates and the in-depth scoop by finding me on Facebook @ Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography.

Also, check out the Piano Guy's latest video!!  Titanium/Pavane!!  It is hauntingly beautiful.  If you haven't already heard of the piano guys, look them up and subscribe.  You'll wish you had known about them a year ago.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Far Side

 Friends!! Here we have the completion of my Lunar Landscape!!  A Kaleidoscopic view of space, from the far side of the Moon.  No atmosphere or light interferes on the dark-side, giving the viewer, a rather Divine perspective.

As before stated, there are numerous hidden images in this wood-piece.  I welcome any feedback from anyone who thinks that they see what they may or may not see.  In person, this stunning piece is best viewed from a distance.  But as one steps closer, all those galaxies, planets, and stars separate and become a lovely medley of colors.     The pearl in ever speck of stardust gives it a brilliance the camera, sadly, cannot capture.  I hesitate to part with this work.  I hope to offer it in print very soon. 

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Galactic Lunar Landscape

 I have let the Cowboy at the Cross portrait sit repeatedly so as to spot any problem areas that need touching up.  Overall it is a pleasant piece that I must be proud of.  All of my pieces are stepping stones to something better.  It is a learning process.

I would be so happy for some constructive criticism on this piece.

Then I was inspired to do a moon-landscape.  I wondered what the dark-side of the moon looks like.  I considered how the sky from any object without an atmosphere might look.  And I was led to create this piece- a rather dramatic burning.

This work came entirely from the heart.  No reference photographs and very abstract, random pen-strokes.  I let the heart take my hand and go with it where it willed.  And the results were astonishing.  This is probably as abstract as I'll ever go, though I truly love illusions.  I also took the liberty to hide many images in this piece.  I will not divulge the images hidden or their location.  But most of the images can already be found in the night sky.

Working on the moon craters, adding texture.  Establishing the nebulae and layout of Milky Way.  Also added three planets and a cluster of galaxies.

Completion pictures will be posted soon.  I aim to make prints of this work.  And hope to do more astronomy pictures, as well as some astrology works.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Let Mama Do It" Hatching Chicks The Old Fashioned Way

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last posting.  But this post is well worth the wait.  My chicken hobby was just taken to the next level when I let my lil' Babette sit on six eggs.  After 20 days of....patience...and waiting...and thumb twiddling...  well, the pictures and video say it all.  I wont be doing a how-to on raising chicks since there is plenty of information on-line.  But I will say, for those of you interested who came across this, that my hen was not separated from other hens (she was still in the hen-house, just locked away in a dog-cage with a cat-carrier inside)-... ironic, I know) and when the chicks hatched, the other residents did not bother them much at all.  Also, mother hen prefers scratch to chick feed from Tractor Supply, but I keep the chick feed for rainy days when they cannot get out to scratch.  

So, feel free to ask questions through email or comments below.  I will answer directly and quickly.  And please enjoy my video.  

And if you want a day filled with cuteness, here are some still-frames to lift your spirits.  

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cujo Commission Complete!!

At last, the adorable Chihuahua pooch is complete!! And I am very pleased with the results.

One mistake I will remember not to make again, is to oil-color the wood before applying wood oils. (DO it after!)  The oils washed away all the white highlights so that I had to re highlight the picture.

I loved what the oils did for the wood, (and was surprised what it did for an ordinary basswood round) and hope to use it on many future pieces.

So here is beloved Cujo!!   My second dog portrait ever...and one I feel I can be right proud of.  I am always willing to take commissions...but I feel the urge to do a nice chess board soon.  This project has been years in my head...so I don't know where I'll find the perfect piece of wood for it, or when I'll get my hands on it.

If you can, follow me on Facebook and don't forget to look around my Etsy shop Licksoffire for current sale items.  Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cujo, the Chihuahua Commission

         So with the 1 hours of me time I get at the end of work every week-day evening, I sat down and spent a little time sketching this Cujo.  It obviously wasn't an easy job since I had only the photograph on the left to go by and I am no good at drawing dogs...and I've never succeed in drawing any canine before or a chihuahua at that... the very word chihuahua is hard enough to spell!!

         But...I think I got somewhere in that hour.  : )  I plan on enlarging my sketch before transferring it to the wood I selected.

          At first I doubted the way I was spelling this pooch's name... Cujo...what an odd name.  So I began googling the name and found exactly where Cujo's owners came up with the idea.  Cujo is the name of a Rabid St. Bernard in a Steven Spielberg Horror Flick Film.  Interesting comparison...the title Cujo to a chihuahua.  I have heard that these little dogs have devils in them.  But I was told that this Cujo was the sweetest natured little dog ever.  I tried to capture that in my sketch and I hope I did that well.

           So with what time I have in the evenings these days this commission may take part of my summer.  But I have a feeling I will have a lot of fun and adventures with this wood-piece.  Growing excited.

           I am starting to make more and more burn videos and set them to music. I don't have a program for making movies so I can't...you know, put it in fast-forward for cool effect but I do what I can.  It makes it entertaining.  Hope to do more of that soon so check up with me on Facebook, keep in touch, and please comment!!

The artist

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rock and Roe!

 My Phlebotomy Certification finally came in the mail!! So I am one proud Phlebotomy Tech....or mosquito. In celebration....I decided to spoil myself, and bought myself something I have wanted ever since I was a little girl.

Cowgirl boots!!  These are my Rockys!!  I was told by an old friend that Justin was the most comfortable, and perhaps he was right...but I couldn't find any Justin boots that were to my taste.  When I first saw these on the back page of my Western Horseman issue,  I instantly fell in love.  These are me!!

I was so thankful to get them at a sweet closeout price...and I'm also glad they still had my size.  Because...the new boots Rocky is making for women... I definitely DO NOT like.   If any of you out there are curious, these boots are very comfortable, and they fit my feet well- I wear 7 and 1/2.  They are so stylish and I just don't want to take them off!!

Now, on to business...  I have finally, finished Roe!!  And he turned out well.  The oil colors really helped.  This was by far the most tedious, drawn out work I've ever accomplished...but I believe the dreary winter blues sent me into a little depression that just kept me from wanting to spend time burning.  It was definitely slow going.

My client tells me she has another dog she wants burned...I may have mentioned this, Cujo.  So, stayed tuned for a Chihuahua burning!!  Thanks for stopping by, check out my facebook!!