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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cujo, the Chihuahua Commission

         So with the 1 hours of me time I get at the end of work every week-day evening, I sat down and spent a little time sketching this Cujo.  It obviously wasn't an easy job since I had only the photograph on the left to go by and I am no good at drawing dogs...and I've never succeed in drawing any canine before or a chihuahua at that... the very word chihuahua is hard enough to spell!!

         But...I think I got somewhere in that hour.  : )  I plan on enlarging my sketch before transferring it to the wood I selected.

          At first I doubted the way I was spelling this pooch's name... Cujo...what an odd name.  So I began googling the name and found exactly where Cujo's owners came up with the idea.  Cujo is the name of a Rabid St. Bernard in a Steven Spielberg Horror Flick Film.  Interesting comparison...the title Cujo to a chihuahua.  I have heard that these little dogs have devils in them.  But I was told that this Cujo was the sweetest natured little dog ever.  I tried to capture that in my sketch and I hope I did that well.

           So with what time I have in the evenings these days this commission may take part of my summer.  But I have a feeling I will have a lot of fun and adventures with this wood-piece.  Growing excited.

           I am starting to make more and more burn videos and set them to music. I don't have a program for making movies so I can't...you know, put it in fast-forward for cool effect but I do what I can.  It makes it entertaining.  Hope to do more of that soon so check up with me on Facebook, keep in touch, and please comment!!

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