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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally Completed

It takes me a while to finish some projects but I've never left a project unfinished.   Somehow, the burn changed gradually and once again the camera as failed to show the true brilliance of the burning.  But the portrait is rather pleasant and I hope one you don't tire to look at. 

I quickly grow accustomed to my work and so I am quick to put it up for sale.  After all, I stare at it for hours while I burn it. 

This photograph of the burning is an odd angle indeed but mostly because I can't watermark my photos.   And...(sigh) photographing woodburnings just doens't seem to be my forte.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Amish Infidelity

The title may imply more than this woodburning is really about.  I don't know exactly what inspired this one, it just kind of...hit me.  I was aiming for a horse portrait and was looking through google pictures of horses and then I got onto the subject of kissing horses...and then...this image popped into my head.

It's highly unusual for me to be able to so easily free hand something like this or to take what is in my head and pen or pencil it so plainly.  Shockingly, I did about a dozen re-sketches of the horse's muzzle and penned the little country gal in several swift strokes. 

I've improved on my human's very quickly and I'm surprised as I've drawn horses all my life.  Now, I struggle with horses quite a bit...perhaps this is because, it has been so long...

I don't have a watermark program but I'm am determined to mark my photographs now.  Please remember that this artwork is copyrighted and kept on file at my artdesk.  I do intend on protecting it from thieves. 

It is a little hard to see the high detail in this picture but it is a marvellous work that I hope to make prints of.  I'll refrain from discussing what the piece represents because it is up to the reader to interpret and I feel it is fairly plain and strong.  After all, as the title implies, it would appear as if sweet Bess is making love with someone in the barn. 

If my mood seems a bit drab in this post it is only the beginnings of cabin fever.  Tropical Storm Lee has been dumping so much water on the Gulf Coast that I am sick of the rain.  I love my sunshine and so with nothing to do around the house but pyrography...I'm a bit...pent up and my inspirations are draining quickly.  At least I have this piece to finish and hopefully by then the rain will have let up.  Thanks for visiting!