Welcome to my blog. I am a young, self-taught artist from the Gulf Coast, who wants to provide pyrographic artwork that sends a clear strong message. Please take time to look through my pages and posts. I appreciate comments, love making new friends, and covet faithful followers. Shout hello if you know me, or are just passing through.

Order or Purchase

Each peice I present is an individual inspiration.  No two are exactly alike.  If you want to commission a burning, contact me about your needs and I will get back with you quickly to help you make your idea a gorgeous woodburning that is all your own. 

For available art, check out my Etsy shop, Licksoffire or contact me on my facebook page Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography for prices, the most current art pieces, and other details.  I will always answer your messages quickly.

Custom Art

                  Custom includes:  Names, dates, any set of words you want, or a logo or picture. 
When placing a custom order you will have to be VERY descriptive and concise about your wishes. What you imagine the finished product to be must be conveyed to me. Of course, I will correspond by email with you until I am positive that I can create just what you are looking for. In fact, I can even xerox my designs and email them to you for you to accept or reject!

Carbon Copy Customizing

If you happen to have a certain picture or logo in mind, something you want done just as you saw it, you can xerox it, or attach it and email it to me, allowing me to print it off and recreate it directly on your piece of wood.  Please note that I cannot use any copyrighted material.

Selecting the Right piece of Wood

When you ask for a custom piece, it's likely that you'll have a certain wood in mind.  If I do not have the wood you are looking for, I will get it.  I am always collecting one of a kind cedar roots, cypres roots, driftood pieces. 
When purchasing wood I always avoid knots, rough grains, rotten holes, stains, and other blemishes.  I am very selective about each piece of wood I purchase.

I have several dozen different fonts to choose from. I currently use Microsoft Word, and Open Office as references for some of these fonts.  The flowery fonts take considerable room compared to the more plain fonts. If you have these programs I will be able to show you the lettering as it would appear on the wood.

Woods to Choose From

There are many beautiful woods to choose from. I do not prefer Pine because the sap is very hard on my iron.  Basswood is a readily available and easy to burn. Basswood is very soft and burns quickly, darkly, and evenly. The hardwoods like Oak, Pecan, Walnut, Apple, Dogwood, and Cherry, take longer to burn and are not as easy to obtain. I work a lot with Basswood but will eventually get my hands on rare and perhaps even foreign wood.

Coloring the Burned Art

Often, it is tasteful to imbellish the burning with color.  I can make any possible color change to any regular order art to fit your taste. 

Varnishing and Sealing the Wood

I will be expanding my varnishes and sealers. I can seal in Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss; and can varnish in any color.

What I Can Do

For whatever reason, I am able to refuse to accept any order at any time.

I will not burn adult images, nude portraits, occult symbols, graphic images, profane content, or anything I feel is unsuitable.
Orders will be completed in the order they are placed. 
What You Can and Cannot Do

If you are on the waiting list for my art and wish to cancel, you may. However, once I have started your order, (and notified you) you cannot cancel and receive a refund.

Custom orders cannot always be canceled.  It can NOT be canceled if:
                -  It includes Names, Dates, or other personalized phrases that I cannot turn around and sell.
                -  It includes customized colors.
If you are unsure about your order, email me.

Once payment has been made and burning started, orders may NOT be changed.

What I Can Burn

I can burn about anything that hasn't been treated, finished, or is still green. Kiln dried wood is best. If you have something special in mind, let me know! My mind is always open for new ideas.


For whatever reason, feel free to email me. I want to know what's on your mind and will always do my best to respond right away. 


I use Paypal. I will NOT ship until payment has been received. IMPORTANT: Once you order has been shipped, the money will not be refunded.  The Transaction is final.

If you prefer I can list your item on Etsy for you to purchase through Etsy.org.


I ship within five buisness days.  If payment is made previous to project completion, I will not ship until the varnishes and sealers are completely dry.  Shipping prices will vary upon where you live and the weight and size of the art.  The approximate cost of shipping for a piece of wood is provided on my Shipping Guide page.


Insurance is optional.  I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages if benefits are not applied.  I offer:  Delivery Confirmation (all items) and Restricted Delivery (for custom items).
The cost of Delivery Confirmation and Restricted Delivery will be added to the shipping price.


I try to purchase only the best wood from suppliers. Every piece of wood is checked over thoroughly for beautiful wood grain, cut, and overall quality. Sometimes, wood naturally has flaws: knots, veins, discoloration, and hair-splits. Often enough this can be incorporated into a picture for uniqueness. Sometimes, it's just a bad piece of wood. I am choosy about what I purchase. Wood with too many flaws is left on the shelf.


My goal is to create a good reputation and relationship with each individual customer; and I always love to hear what you thought of your Phoenix Pyrocreation experience. Please leave feedback on your purchase, my customer service, and your overall opinion of my blog, and art.

Helping Me

If there is something you feel is missing, or unnecessary, overdone, or under thought- let me know! I'm new at this and could always use your help! Let me know what you think of these help pages, my blog, my work, or whatever else I can do to make your visit a better one!