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Friday, April 1, 2011

Permission Granted

       Another exciting announcement dear readers!  The timing has been perfect as usual!  My secret project is laid out on the basswood and ready to burn.  I plan on beginning burning it today and taking pictures along the way.  Unfortunately you wont see the pictures posted here until the middle of May.  My Optima burner came early allowing me to get started as soon as possible.  And do I need every spare moment to work on it.

       But the more exciting news!  I have been granted permission to burn "The Halo Picture" for one year's time.  Since October of last year the plans for this portrait have sat sketched out on a piece of basswood, awaiting that important letter to arrive in the mail.  I thought it would never come but I'm glad it came when it did because...  it came just three days after I recieved the professional iron needed to burn such an important portrait. 

      Had it come earlier I might have attempted it with that sorry Walnut Hollow craft iron and ruined it entirely! 

 The Next bit of awesome news is the arrival of my proudly won Espirit model!  Which came in the mail today. 

 He is simply gorgeous.  A horse I am proud to own...and only wish that I could breathe a breath of life into him...  (sigh)  Some of the pictures do not do him justice.

 I suppose I should share my Breyer story here.  This is my first and only Traditional model.  I always collected the Classics because that was the best I could afford. 

I'm a realist.  I HATE littlest pet shop creatures.  They simply give me the creeps.  I HATE ponies with fairy wings and stars in their eyes, pastel colored hair...glitter hooves.  So as a child I searched the Walmart toy section shelves for horses that were almost as real as the real thing!  And one day I stumbled across something new in that aisle.  Something labeled Breyer Reeves.  I didn't care much about the label until I desired more of them.  These horses were BEAUTIFUL! 
 Now I am the proud owner of an Espirit model... one decade later. 
Thankyou for coming and check back soon as I will have updates on both projects as they come along. 
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