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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review

              Sorry I do not have any updated pictures of my woodburnings posted.  I had to take a day off because of a power outage caused by violent storms passing through, which also happened to spawn tornadoes in the area.  I am also searching for temperature controlled pyrogaphy irons as I feel that in order to progress the quality and style of the art I will need...the real thing, and not some hobby iron. 

             Apart from that I am searching on what to do with an item I've held for a long time.  I was walking a trail in the woods behind my house when I came across the belly piece pictured below leaned up against a tree on the side of the ATV trail.  I didn't know what it was until I drew closer, and picking it up, continued on trying to solve the mystery of how it got there.  A couple dozen yards farther south on the trail I found the top of the shell and the scale peices strewn around it.  I don't know how it died and how it was left in such good shape...if you can call the missing shells good shape - but my past experience is that turtle shells will fall apart when left in water.  Anyway, I could laquer it as is...or strip off the remaining shell pieces and paint it.  I haven't made up my mind because I don't want to ruin it...and it's such a once in a lifetime find...I really don't want to sell it...unless of course...it's the right price. 

             I also plan on doing a book review on Hope Unseen by Captain Scotty Smiley.  I never did hate doing book reports in school...but we wont call this a report.  Thats sounds too constructive.  This will be my own personal review...as if I'm somebody really important who everybody should listen to.  (Grins)  I might even post a youtube video of my review since initially I was going to share with my blog readers post by post about the book...but alas, pageviews have waned to almost ZERO!  So, I will soon have a link of my review or a post, whichever I decide on. 

Thanks for coming, checkback soon, and feel free to give me your ideas on that turtle shell. 

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