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Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Review on Hope Unseen

        I'm stalling on woodburning at the moment as the temptation to be outdoors in this lovely spring weather is TOO overwhelming for me.  I'm still waiting on my Havalon scalpal to arrive in the mail and then I'll likely have some updates on my next taxidermy projects.  But today, *happy dance*, my book arrived in the mail!  And my four little precious peeps have been laying up a storm and provided me with a baker's dozen!! 

Their eggs are actually quite large now, because they are Buff Orpingtons after all and they taste delicious!  I have never enjoyed eggs more.  They also make deserts such as brownies, cookies, cakes, etc blue ribbon quality. 

Broody Babette is already over her broodiness.  In fact, her comb quickly returned to its true red color, she dustbathed, and then as the hormone levels began to even out...she took all her frustration out on poor Dinah who she mercilessly bullied for the rest of the day!

 I'm very excited about starting this book, and may do some reviews on it as I read.  This book is a First Edition hard cover that I am proud to call my own and my fingers are just itching to turn every crisp leaf right now. 

So...I will go now and soak in some sun while I enjoy my book...right now.

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Oh - one last comment.  Don't forget to check out the video at the bottom.  It should be dedicated to my cousin Timothy as the lyrics speak right from his heart. 

Too good David!  I love it.  And yes people often ask to call my landline because our AT&T is so bad...yeah, Timothy's right.

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