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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thoughts on Narnia

                             Warning, this is a Ramble Post

I recently and very unexpectedly sold the Simba portrait, an early pyrographic piece to a lady from out West.  She said it was a special gift for a special grandchild of hers.  I don't normally throw goodies in the bag when shipping, but I guess inspiration struck- something possessed me to write a poem.  Here it is:

The Lion is the King of Beasts, his only fear is fire.
His eyes are embers burning,
his gaze, stronger than his jaws.
May you have a lion heart,
be courageous, know no fear.
Do not roar when you are angry, be not lazy, Simba dear.

- Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography (L.H. Borlovan)

I haven't written a poem in literally... over two years now. And when inspiration did strike two weeks ago.... a very rough... pathetic, unfinished version still lies on a piece of lined notebook paper in a pile at my headboard.

My sale was of a lion. My current commission is of an eagle- which leads to my next subject. Griffins.... Gryphons..... I am starting to prefer the latter spelling. I love Lions, and I love Eagles, so you can correctly assume that I am totally fascinated with Gryphons. Often I have people look at me oddly and say, "What's your hangup with a mythological creature?"

I don't think there is anything wrong with the image. After all, the two beasts meshed into one represent something very good in my mind. It is a symbol, a representation, not an alien or a dinosaur, or some beast of folklore and evil deed. I see the Gryphon as a very heavenly beast, not a dragon-like creature.

Which leads me to the subject of the Chronicles of Narnia. I had one cousin express how much he loved the movie and wanted me to see it, so I watched the first, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I couldn't find a really deep Christian meaning in the entire thing, but I was pleased with the film and can appreciate it for what it is. It is something I would care to see again and show others.

This past week, while visiting another cousin, I find Prince Caspian on his DVD wall. Goodies, could I help but watch it? I found even less symbolism- easily recognizable allegories and allusions woven into the plot, but again, a perfectly fascinating film. So now, my thoughts.

Just want to say, not putting Peter aside, Edmond is my favorite character in the second film. Sure he made his mistakes in the first film, but he is a bundle of fight. Gusty. Gryphon's gall. I can't tell you how many time I was shouting, "Go Edmond!" From when he shattered the white witch's ice image to running to help Peter. His character... is like ...my alter-ego. He knows no fear.

So lion-hearts aside, I just don't understand why the Gryphon has such a small part in every Narnia film. I was totally flighted by the fantastic Gryphon invasion of the second film. Epic. And so...as you can imagine, I may be burning the creature in the near future. I aim to anyway. The Lion and the Eagle... they just fit.