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Friday, March 4, 2011


           The piece is coming along quickly, although not as well as I had hoped.  The wood grain of the oak is a little tricky as I'm new to burning on oak.  This will be a good bit of practise for me, but I don't yet know how to improve it. 

           I am not entirely pleased with the expression on the soldier's face.  The grain made it even harder to create.  I think that if I had his mouth dome correctly it would help as the eyes can't get much better as I've burned and erased and burned again. 

          As hard to imagine as it was previously, this oak piece burned really quickly.  I would love to invest in a temperature controlled iron VERY soon. 

           So if this piece fails I'll be sure to try again with a temperature controlled iron.  I never give up.  ...maybe I can fix that lip...

I'm am proud to announce that my Native American Talking stick has sold and I am sad to announce that I was not able to contact anyone about the herobracelet I found.  I found that there are two completely unrelated James N Dyke's here in my town and the one I was looking for works at McConnel Automotive.  Unfortunately, I could only find his work contact so I sent an email...but have had no reply.

            As one last note, this is a patriotic piece that will go on the Special Edition page. 

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