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Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Let Mama Do It" Hatching Chicks The Old Fashioned Way

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last posting.  But this post is well worth the wait.  My chicken hobby was just taken to the next level when I let my lil' Babette sit on six eggs.  After 20 days of....patience...and waiting...and thumb twiddling...  well, the pictures and video say it all.  I wont be doing a how-to on raising chicks since there is plenty of information on-line.  But I will say, for those of you interested who came across this, that my hen was not separated from other hens (she was still in the hen-house, just locked away in a dog-cage with a cat-carrier inside)-... ironic, I know) and when the chicks hatched, the other residents did not bother them much at all.  Also, mother hen prefers scratch to chick feed from Tractor Supply, but I keep the chick feed for rainy days when they cannot get out to scratch.  

So, feel free to ask questions through email or comments below.  I will answer directly and quickly.  And please enjoy my video.  

And if you want a day filled with cuteness, here are some still-frames to lift your spirits.