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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pyrography Ship and Map

Today I sat down and burned away and I have almost completed the little sea chest!  Clouds, gulls, rocks, and shadows completed it nicely. 

On the side with the rose compass I added details of a map, shading the land so that it is distinguished from the water and naming rivers, islands, and even a mountain. 

I thought about adding to the anchor's side...but haven't come up with anything as of yet. 

I've never tried a seascape before or even drawn a ship.  I've done childish outlines of small fishing boats or a magna doodle sketch of a steamer or battleship, NEVER was I even brave enough to attempt a fully rigged Clipper or Schooner.  And yet my first doesn't pass my own critisism test...I find something awkward about the masts...not tall enough maybe?

I love the way the map turned out so that I think I am quite already addicted to burning maps and hope to burn more in the future.  Maps have always intrigued me, I studied them in my free time as a child.  And I think that if I burn maps, some child may wander up to the burning and study the topography and the little bays and inlets, and read the foreign names of the bays and islands and wonder what it must be like to explore some far away place.

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Anonymous said...

WHOOOA!!! this is incredible!! i would SOO buy this from u if i knew how much it is and if it was affordable...it's amazing! how much?? im just tempted to buy it btw, i doubt i would, and you probably already have a buyer :P.

Laurisa said...

It's listed on Etsy as you can see on the widget on the right of the page. Thankyou for the kind comment, but no, I don't have alot of buyers because not many people think of wood art or beautiful one of a kind pieces of pyrography. I am hoping to spread the knowledge of this wonderful art. Thanks for coming, commenting, and do come again!!!