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Friday, December 30, 2011

Piebald Dauchsund and WIP

Finally, here is the update!  This is what I have been up to all this time.  I am beginning to dread uploading pictures for some reason.  For one thing it is hard to get a good picture of artwork with the camera I am using (parents camera). 

The Piebald Dauchsund in progress you see her is a commission of a friend.  This portrait is of her dog Daisy, taken directly from a photograph.  Replicating photographs is not easy.  But that's what I'm here for!  So far, this pooch has been alot of fun to burn.  I know her personally and she is so sweet and spoiled.  I feel knowing her helped me to portray her engergy and charm onto the wood.

Next is the Work In Progress I laid aside to do Daisy, the Dauchsund.  This is a Cowboy at the Cross portrait that I sketched on paper in June of 2010 and decided to improve.  I did indeed improve it, tweaking things here and there, and am pleased with how it is turning out so far.  I am struggling to add texture to the horses skin at the moment, as I know horses are so spongy, fleshy, and alot more bumpy than a pencil or pen will often allow you to portray.  The eyesets, and the mood overall are pleasant, contrast is fine but I will continue to work on deepening that contrast.  I like being able to set it to the side for a moment because it allows me to contemplate my next point of attack. 
I hope to offer prints of this work in the near future.  I do not know when the origional will be for sale.

Also, I am now burning on Birch Ply which is very fine for burning.  In fact, I like it better than Basswood.  For any of you pyro guys and gals out there, who are like me and wonder just where in the world can I find good fine art proffessional canvas wood.  I looked high and low, here and there, but the only place I was able to find fine birch ply was at my local Lowes.  But it was fine wood, and a good price ($4.00).  I just had to have my dad run it over the table saw, cut it into three pieces of different dimension.  Cheaper than basswood and an excellent burn, excellent grain.  I just love it!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Daisy Commission

         Ran across this video and wanted to share it.  I wont say much because it speaks volumes in itself.  I was especially touched by the little girl's reaction, which was nothing but genuine.  I can imagine it is hard for these children to know that their dad is working far away from them for months at a time, and that he might one day never come back. 

Merry Christmas!

I have put aside the Cowboy at the Cross portrait, visible on Facebook, for a short while as I have been commissioned to do a portrait of a lovely little Piebald Dachsund named Daisy for a friend.  Will post pictures soon.  Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Diamond of India

I have always thought that the women of India were some of the most beautiful women on Earth.  The colour of their skin, the shape and depth of their eyes, their mysteriousness and modesty, everything about them.  Even the old ones, with wrinkled skin and greying hair, possess a pristine look and natural beauty no make-up queen could ever attain. 

Yet we know that India is one of the most crowded and over-populated nations on earth, and in fact, starving- although most of this is due to religious views.  (Recalling the picture of the woman with hungry children pouring milk and cream into a bowl for the rats)

So, perhaps it is their tradition that is causing all this trouble.  If the men had to pay huge dowries for a woman the woman would be treated as though she were worth something and the families would want to have girls instead of boys. 

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However, what we truly have is a great pedjudice, a gender predjudice.  If the man doesn't want a daughter...he doesn't want his own wife.  The ridiculous part of this is, the man doesn't seem to realize that by putting women in that position, they degrade themselves to the same level of worth. 

Take a look at these videos presented, and know that the people of India would truly be the most beautiful people on earth, if they would only treat themselves and each other as such.

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