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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year Excitment

With the New Year, 2013, there will be some changes to Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography.

First off, I will be offering High Quality Prints of my burnings for gorgeously affordable prices.

Secondly, Phoenix Pyrocreations will not only be offering Pyrocreations Prints for sale, but Photography prints for sale.

If you haven't recently, check out the Pyrocreations Shop.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Redneck Shih-tzu

     Life itself is not normal.  So why do we expect those trapped in-between the here and there to be any more normal than we are.  Even my chickens are batty- some of them.  That Amelia chick I mentioned months ago, I had to extract about two feet of cord from her crop one day.  She must have seen one giant white worm dangling from the coop rafters and decided she would be nourished for the next few days on that baby.  Boy was she ever.  It took me about a cup of oil and a lot of massaging and tugging to reverse that bit of rope from her gullet.  Amelia I called her.  Like Amelia Bedeilia.  It was a perfect fit.  And now that her egg hatched, I got one crazy little cock who stares around with that same not-normal psycho expression.   

               But in the There, or the limbo things are even less normal.  There's this mom and pop flower shop in Defiance, Ohio.  It's haunted my friend tells me; but not by any ordinary specter.  Margaret they call her.  Margaret the butt-pinching ghost.  She may have tweaked the seats of a few random customers but so far, my friend has not been molested.  When Margaret is keeping her hands to herself, she is busy tampering with the Florist's computers, opening up programs and resetting them.  

               And I can't fail to mention my normal neighbors.  They live in Section Eight housing.  They don't have much.  There's really nothing wrong with them, considering that life itself is abnormal.  But they bought this little Shih-tzu for a pretty penny a couple weeks ago.  Oh, the pooch came from a classy litter no doubt.   But it wasn't living a week in Section Eight before it became a real Dog.  The Ghetto Shee-tzoo.  They call him Gizmo.  Gizmo the full-blooded Shi-tzoo.  Gizmo sleeps outside on the land-fill driveway.  He used to be white.  But he's kind of black now.  On Gizmo's first walk, his owner, stood in the street in lounge-wear, holding a loud phone conversation while juggling a cigarette from leash hand to phone hand.  

                But who's talking.  My life has been no more normal than any of this.  It's all in how you perceive it.  Take this Chicken-nugget for example.  What do you see?

                   So this "Normal" girl is about to publish her first book.  It's years later than it should be.  -Like, I should have been published ten years ago.

             This particular story itself, was probably too awesome for me to tell.  I feel so inadequate.  But I've done my very best, and slaved away over it for over two years.... and now... it is ready... for Amazon Kindle!!  Just so you know, nothing about the book is normal. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Soon Coming Website and Prints!

So after much research about how to get quality photographs of my art for print-making, I dared to brave the unknown, on my very own.  I decided I would have to be the artist with the camera as well as with the pen.

So of my latest commission, here is the Eagle, whom I aim to offer for sale in a variety of print sizes in the very near future.  If he is my first print available for sale, he will be the start of a Phoenix Pyrocreations website as well!!  Cheers!

I am so very excited!!  

New York Police Officer's Wonderfully Big Heart

Most everybody admires a man in uniform.  We admire our soldiers, our EMT personnel, our Firefighters, our boy-scouts, our Football players, .......what about our Police officers?  You know, they're the guys you don't much like to see because they usually appear behind you with a flash of lights, just to hand you a ticket because you were going too fast, or didn't make a complete stop.

Honestly, the only times I've ever met a police officer face to face was on school field trips, or the time my home was invaded by a young man with a gun.  I think they're pretty awesome.  Sure, I haven't had one trailing me in his patrol car yet.  At I certainly haven't met one with a bad attitude yet.  They're humans, just like us.  They have faults, they have families, they have bills to pay, and personal problems.  But there are still a good deal of them who are honest, and this one in particular has a very big heart.

I am very pleased to bring into the spotlight, and document on my blog, this one particular policeman who understood that his job is not just to chase down the "bad-guys", but the assist the needy.  Here is a man, who like Saint Martin, gave part of his own cloak to the freezing beggar, and people made fun of Saint Martin, for walking around with half a robe on his shoulders.  But then Christ appeared to the soldier that night, and said, "As you did to the beggar man, so you have done it unto ME."

Here is a man who is valiant. 

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