Welcome to my blog. I am a young, self-taught artist from the Gulf Coast, who wants to provide pyrographic artwork that sends a clear strong message. Please take time to look through my pages and posts. I appreciate comments, love making new friends, and covet faithful followers. Shout hello if you know me, or are just passing through.



How will you charge me for the artwork? : I use PayPal because it is very secure.  Using your email address, Paypal will send you the bill and email confirmation.  Your protection and mine.
Is that your hand with the fire coming from the finger? :  Yes.  Everything about that picture is legitimate.  No part of it has been edited or photoshopped.  If you're under 18 Do Not try this at home!  Leave it to us pyrographers!

Can I contact you about something other than pyrography? : Absolutely.  Spammers beware.  I am...resourceful.
What animals are you best at? : Well, I've drawn horses all my life. They're truly my favorite and I've had the most experience with all four footed ruminants. Eagles are very fun to do (birds are very easy), and cartoon is fun as well! I always try to be realistic in my art, but just recently I have broadened my field to childlike characters and may even dabble in caricatures. I've only just begun to draw people and finally grew brave enough to burn one or two. I'll admit that cats and dogs are harder than humans now!

Is asking for a specific Varnish or Sealer considered a custom order? : Not necessarily. I never varnish or seal any artwork until it has been ordered.

How Long Will My Piece of Art Last? : Supposing that you don't redecorate and toss it in the garage or yardsale, it will prove it's worth and last a long time. Varnished and Sealed in a polyurethane or epoxy coating, it can last forever in a stable environment. Unless otherwise noted (that it is specially made for porches and outdoors) keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. When you dust, use compressed air, or a slightly damp rag. Should you redecorate, the piece is resellable.