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Saturday, February 12, 2011

WEG Coloring Contest

First off, Here is my progress on the piece of the prophet, Brother William Marrion Branham.  I will be moving on to the rest of his hair and experimenting on scrap pieces of wood with shading.

I want to darken the wood around him, yet the tone of the cherry is so pretty I can't quite bring myself to char it all.  So perhaps, I wont.  Your opinions would be appreciated and always are.

While the eyes and  nose and forehead are good, I feel that the firmness of the chin and lower jaw isn't true to life for this man.  I will have to study more references and see if I can shade some more there. 

Next, I present two pieces of art, this first on the right I no longer own.  It was submitted to the coloring contest Breyer Reeves, Horse Modeling Co. hosted last year.

Because I wanted their Espirit model for myself and couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it...I submitted it hoping for any of their first, second, or third place prizes.  Alas, mine was apparently not chosen, or perhaps disqualified for some odd reason.  In order to burn the paper I had to use cardboard paper, which smelled horrible during burning.

You cannot see it in this photo but I also took a lighter and burned the edges to frame it in a singed border.  The coloring was done with my new oil pencils.  If I would have submitted it while I was still 17 I could have very likely made first place amongst others my age, but because I had to submit it as an 18 year old I was standing against senior experienced artist, many of whom probably had degrees in fine art. 

And this was my original coloring...you can't see it very well but the horse is a beautiful rose champagne color.

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