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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Father's Portrait

               I am ecstatic as I announce the mapping out of an oak round.  This tracing paper design only hints at what it will look like when it is finished.  In fact, as soon as I am finished with this here post I shall be burning away!

              I have also purchased several pieces of wood and a nifty little pine box that I will have ready to go in the near future.  The pine box will be available for custom orders until I find something to burn on it.  If I like how it turns out I may offer more on my Etsy shop.  

             This will be my first time burninging with oak wood.  So I'm doubly challenging myself this time.  Somehow, I'm not as nervous about doing people, but I'm probably going to pull hair as I work on this infant- you know how delicate they are.  They are terribly impossible to portray delicately.   

            I'll have to keep the skin soft and smooth and the features light and rounded.  I would feel more comfortable if I had the pampers of a nice temperature controlled iron, but that shouldn't be too much longer in coming.  Since oak is a harder wood than cherry it should be easier to burn light. 

           I will be meditating on a name for this soldier...this father holding his newborn infant for the first time.  Suggestions from newcomers, followers, and visitors welcomed.

           Thankyou for coming.

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