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Monday, October 22, 2012

Local Fair

I've never entered a real art contest before, let alone a fair so this month has held a world of new experiences for me.  I was worried I would have to attach hangars to the back of my wood pieces- which I don't want to do until after I make prints of them- so there was a lot of pressure on me as the deadline drew close.

Every night after work I'd hasten to the table and spend most of the night burning.  I was getting...burned out.  No kidding.  But when I went to the fairgrounds, they assured me that the hanging was all taken care of.  So that was a huge relief.

Jazz is the Color is my latest burning, which I will have photographs of when they are released from the fair exhibition in two weeks.  The Saxophone burning features a tenor Sax against a double bass.  Lovely!  Can't wait to show you the completed pictures.  I also have more burn videos coming up so stay tuned for some embedded clips.

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