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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rock and Roe!

 My Phlebotomy Certification finally came in the mail!! So I am one proud Phlebotomy Tech....or mosquito. In celebration....I decided to spoil myself, and bought myself something I have wanted ever since I was a little girl.

Cowgirl boots!!  These are my Rockys!!  I was told by an old friend that Justin was the most comfortable, and perhaps he was right...but I couldn't find any Justin boots that were to my taste.  When I first saw these on the back page of my Western Horseman issue,  I instantly fell in love.  These are me!!

I was so thankful to get them at a sweet closeout price...and I'm also glad they still had my size.  Because...the new boots Rocky is making for women... I definitely DO NOT like.   If any of you out there are curious, these boots are very comfortable, and they fit my feet well- I wear 7 and 1/2.  They are so stylish and I just don't want to take them off!!

Now, on to business...  I have finally, finished Roe!!  And he turned out well.  The oil colors really helped.  This was by far the most tedious, drawn out work I've ever accomplished...but I believe the dreary winter blues sent me into a little depression that just kept me from wanting to spend time burning.  It was definitely slow going.

My client tells me she has another dog she wants burned...I may have mentioned this, Cujo.  So, stayed tuned for a Chihuahua burning!!  Thanks for stopping by, check out my facebook!!

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Monica said...

Zach: Those are some very nice!
I like them.