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Saturday, December 1, 2012

New York Police Officer's Wonderfully Big Heart

Most everybody admires a man in uniform.  We admire our soldiers, our EMT personnel, our Firefighters, our boy-scouts, our Football players, .......what about our Police officers?  You know, they're the guys you don't much like to see because they usually appear behind you with a flash of lights, just to hand you a ticket because you were going too fast, or didn't make a complete stop.

Honestly, the only times I've ever met a police officer face to face was on school field trips, or the time my home was invaded by a young man with a gun.  I think they're pretty awesome.  Sure, I haven't had one trailing me in his patrol car yet.  At I certainly haven't met one with a bad attitude yet.  They're humans, just like us.  They have faults, they have families, they have bills to pay, and personal problems.  But there are still a good deal of them who are honest, and this one in particular has a very big heart.

I am very pleased to bring into the spotlight, and document on my blog, this one particular policeman who understood that his job is not just to chase down the "bad-guys", but the assist the needy.  Here is a man, who like Saint Martin, gave part of his own cloak to the freezing beggar, and people made fun of Saint Martin, for walking around with half a robe on his shoulders.  But then Christ appeared to the soldier that night, and said, "As you did to the beggar man, so you have done it unto ME."

Here is a man who is valiant. 

Watch the Video

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Here is another photo, ....that inspires me.

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