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Saturday, October 6, 2012

All That Jazz!!

 It has been a while since I've posted last.  Apart from cutting my wood into all the wrong shapes and sizes (I had forgotten that I was going to burn a set of chess portraits), it took fresh inspiration a while to juice on through.

Then I remembered that I had also wanted to do something...musical.  And I needed two instruments that would compliment each other, both in their sounds, as well as their composition, layout, and textures.

So I went with the brassy, metallic woodwind (a Tenor Saxophone), and what I had originally hoped to be a cello, ended up being a double bass.

So far, the burn has been going slowly.  First step is to do a wash-coat sort of burn for the double bass and add the highlights and textures later.  I love how the wood grain runs with the double-bass so perfectly.
It gives it such a nice wood grain burn.  I hope to use two different oils when this piece is finished to bring out the yellow in the sax, and some reds in the double bass.

This birch ply is so much fun to work with, and I am carefully planning out my future pieces to offer prints of. It will be an exciting month, when I receive my first framed prints to sell!!!

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Also, check out the Piano Guy's latest video!!  Titanium/Pavane!!  It is hauntingly beautiful.  If you haven't already heard of the piano guys, look them up and subscribe.  You'll wish you had known about them a year ago.


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