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Monday, March 28, 2011

Optima Burner Pyrography

             I am excited to announce that near the end of this week my new (real) pyrography burner will arrive.  I chose Optima after much research and budgeting.  It may take me some time to re-learn (but I am a quick adapter) to not press the hot iron into the wood like I have had to do with my Walnut Hollow Iron.  I feel already that when I touch this professional Optima burner I will not want to even look at the craft iron again.  

             The Optima burner pens do not retain heat as the thick heads on the craft irons do.  This gives you a rock steady temperature.  Otherwise, you might be burning a piece of basswood a lovely pink when the heat stored in the pen tip begins to climb causing that lovely pink to turn to dark brown.  You may not notice an immediate change in my burnings, but I will never again burn a monotone picture.  This also opens the doors to human portraits.  

             A friend requested some time ago that I youtube myself practicing my panflute, so here it is.  My tuning from note to note is somewhat shaky and I haven't found my style or inner panflute personality but it should come with time and practice.  I never perform as well whenever a camera is running.  That's just how it works, doesn't it?  And not four days ago I had a full set of braces glued to every tooth in my head so I had to kick things into high gear to even get my playing acceptable for the weekend orchestra rehearsal.  I don't think...Dr. Seebacher noticed.  I was a little when I got home Thursday evening and found that I couldn't blow a single note...
               The song here is called "Isn't He" which sounds better with two instruments echoing each other.  

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Anonymous said...

this is amber, my google isn't letting me sign in, grr!!! that is very pretty!! very soothing as well...does it feel like you're playing an over-sized harmonica?? lol...you need to post a vid of you playing your other flute as well :)