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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breyer WEG Color Contest Winners!!

         I checked Breyer Reeves' website for updates on their coloring contest winners just a week ago and hadn't seen anything.  I figured I had been disqualified for using cardboard paper or it had gotten lost in the mail...or I just simply hadn't won.  And today, as I was busily sketching my orchestra conductor Dr. Robert J. Seebacher (attempting to plan out a top secret project that you will hear about if I succeed) I heard clunking...as if some prowler was trying to break into my house!!

         I was ALL alone.  Cautiously, I checked the windows and made sure the doors were locked and bolted.  A few minutes into my work, I heard more knocking and wondered if perhaps I should check again.  Nobody.  Finally, when my siblings returned from their dentist appointment they announced that there was a large package sitting at the door.  And it was addressed to me.  Just then, the opossum that lives under my house clunked the pipes again.  Apparently, I had mistaken the noises of this creature as a daytime burglar and so when the mailman made similar noises, shrugged it off. 

        "You didn't do any shopping recently, did you?"  Mom asked. 
"Me no!  I don't know the first thing about buying online!!  I didn't order anything!"  I was quite in shock.  The box was addressed to me...from Pequannock, New Jersey...from Breyer Reeves International.  Opening it, I realized that my entry had WON!  I WON the contest!  In the 17 and up age bracket I had one 1st place!!
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...I just stood there. 

         "Really?!  For real really?!  I won 1st?!  There's gotta be some mistake- surely it was honorable mention or 3rd...1st?!"  I squeaked.  "But all those proffesionals...with art degrees...and licenses...me?!"  I tore through the box looking for the coveted Espirit model that 1st place was to recieve.  I found the set of Classics and a whole bunch of stablemates.  "Did I win 2nd...that sounds more like it, maybe there was a typo." 

        Checking online I found that I did indeed win 1st, and that Breyer will be sending me the Espirit model.  I'm not a Stablemate collector after all and I do love the Classics, but the Espirit was what I had been after.  I must thank them for their kindness in correcting the mistake. This was my first EVER contest to enter and even win!!  And I am so happy.  I must say that there were artists in the younger age bracket that would have blown mine away and I'm so proud for them as well because at their age, I would not have been able to compete.  My art at their age was fairly pathetic. 

But I am a proud winner and I should be of my very first contest!  And I'm sure the winners from the other groups are just as well.  Bravo to them all!  To see other contestant's wonderful work visit this link.  You can even access their Facebook page from there.

You can't really see the etched roaning on my work in the picture.  I think it is better seen in my older post about the entry when I thought I had lost the contest. 

I shall be considering names for all of my beauties soon. 

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New Mommy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are very deserving- it's beautiful.