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Friday, April 15, 2011

US Soldier with Baby

 A couple weeks back, perhaps even a month I had begun featuring a burning of a father and child.  I called it a Father's portrait. 

Since receiving my professional burner I have completed the portrait but I'm not very happy with how it has turned out.  I could see quite early on that the oak was not the proper medium and as the PJL Enterprises guy told me, oak stinks to burn on. 

I have a square oak piece that I will be forced to use but I will definitely use it for a monochrome burn.  Nothing fancy, nothing fine.  Perhaps some silhouette. 
 As for the turnout on this portrait....it could have been better had I not had to fight the woodgrain with it's unburnable areas and it's ditches.  The grains run through it ruining it for me.  It would have looked fabulous on any other piece of wood. 

But the mood still bleeds through and the subject is tender and well captured by the oval frame.  I named the father "Adams" for a reason.  It's doubtful the purchaser of this beautiful piece will be named Adams but regardless it's meant to be symbolic. 

It is for sale on the One of A Kind page.  Feel free to inquire about this piece and pieces like it.  DO NOT request an oak piece...I have a mind to refuse to burn on oak after this...experience.
The picture on the right is of (Listed in order from left to right) : Babette, Clementine, and Susanne.  I am sorry to announce that Dinah disappeared two weeks ago and not a feather was found of her. 

I am quite crushed as she was my little goldmine. 

Thanks for coming and please stop by again soon.  You can write a personal request for a FB page with a reason you'd like to see Phoenix Pyrocreations on Facebook and perhaps my dad will allow it. 

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painting techniques said...

I like your blog! Great work with the soldier and baby...Daniel

Laurisa said...

Thankyou for commenting. I'm glad you like my blog and hope you will share it with others. I haven't tried oil painting in some time but hope to again soon.