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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Halo Picture

            I suppose there are many people who know about The Halo Picture as it is called, of a Pillar of Fire hanging over the head of Preacher William Marrion Branham in the Sam Houston Colossium in Houston TX.  The photograph was taken in January 1950 and authenticated by FBI examiner George J. Lacy. 

            If you are not familiar with this story you may read more about it at this link: (among others)

           I was commissioned to burn it in October of 2010 (and feeling more comfortable burning human portraits...still a little uneasy about burning deity) and obtained copyright permission this March.  I have until March of 2012 to burn this photograph on wood and would like to make several special edition portraits available.  Because the actual print in it's origional form and colored as well is readily available I do not feel that I could sell high quality giclee prints of a single burning. 

         Therefore (since it requires an amount of time, talent, and effort to create many individual burnings ...artists generally don't like to burn the same thing over and over and over and over again - in short doing this would be too costly for the average person who wants it to afford it) I plan on only burning two or three.

           We will see how the first comes out.  I can now be found and followed on Facebook, again special thanks to my protective father, and I will continue to post updates on Facebook and my blog (so that some of you who were like me a while back - facebokless, can still follow.)

           I have already begun burning and hope to move along quickly (I hate the thought of boring my followers).  Thankyou for coming!  Please visit again soon when I will have posted pictures of my progress.

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