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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

North American Bald Eagles

       The Native Americans reverenced the Bald Eagle and the eagle has been used throughout history all over the world as an important symbol: of power, strength, wisdom, and heavenly vision.   

       I can never get tired of watching these majestic birds and was quite pleased to come across this recent web cam video of three eggs hatching.  In this first video you can only see on eaglet pipping through and the time slips in the video tell you that it definitely took him a long time: almost 24 hours. 
       My favorite part is when the male comes back to the nest and communicated with his mate.  It seems as if he gives her a loving peck on the beak, tells her she can take a break, and once she scoots off to go eat he climbs on the eggs and settles down. 

      It was also funny to watch for me because whenever I hold several grey mouse balls in the palm of my hand and show them to my male Australian Cockatiel Jay he will do the same waddle over them ,chirp and move them around with his beak, and try to sit on them!  It is hillarious...something I will have to youtube sometime...or pet tube. 

      In this second video you can't really see much action until a minute or so before the end.  You simply have to adore that eaglet! 

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