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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Facebook = Outreach

            I haven't posted any of my own artwork in the past week because the only burning I have worked on can't be revealed until May.  Sorry...but I absolutely don't want the recipient of the piece to visit this blog and see it. 

            Now, I do have exciting news for all of you social networking users that I hope will make it easier to follow me.  I talked to my father about getting a Facebook page for my blog.  It was hard to argue all of my points about Facebook's potential and what it could do for me and my readers but he said he would give it some thought.  He may have forgotten so I'll have to bring it up again but if enough of you sign a petition with the reason you want to see Phoenix Pyrocreations on Facebook send a crazy amount of emails with your reason or what you think it will benefit me and we'll see what happens. 

          Besides, I wont be touching that photograph I got copyright permission to without a Facebook page. 

          Now, what I'm featuring on the right hand side is some high school art class exams of my Uncle Joshua's.  This is partly because he got married this past weekend to a beautiful Christian lady who I am proud to call aunt, and partly because these are the very lead sketches that inspired me to push my art to another level. 

          My Uncle's artistic talents have always inspired me, and we both share that inner pyromaniac, the explorer, the artist, the adventurer, the inventor...a Scorpio trait.   I can't say enough about my Uncle Josh who I am very proud to be related to and just thought to share some of his work.  Maybe one day I'll dig out of my attic the horse drawing he gave me when I was just 9 years old.  It inspired me to draw horses better... I love that picture. 

          Every artist needs a mentor, someone who inspired them to push themselves.  To broaden their scope, their style, excersise their gift, and use it for the right purpose.  Congratulations Uncle Josh.  Your wedding was fabulous...I'm taking notes for mine.

....oh, and that tradition of tapping the glasses so the groom will kiss the bride... I'm starting a new one.  Drop five dollars at the couple's table.

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