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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear Reader, Followers, Firsttimers, and Friends,

        With a special thanks to my father who protectively balked and stalled over this matter before finally relenting, I now have a facebook page as evidenced by the badge found on the right hand side of this blog. 

         It is to convenience you facebook gurus who may find following or subscribing hard.  After all, with all the accounts you have to "have" on the web and the millions of passwords you have to provide, things can get a little crazy.  So now it is easy.  You have a Facebook account, you're in.  Actually, I was the one who was a little late a jumping into the pond...but here I am. 

          So don't hesitate to like my page, become a fan of my page, and comment.  Your suggestions and ideas are welcomed as are your visits and comments to this blog- which will remain my art center by the way.  Facebook is only a tool to make it easier for Facebook users to participate.  It would seem that only the bloggers know how to participate much in the blogger world.  Now,...the best of both worlds.


Phoenix Pyrocreations

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