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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Portrait TOO Great for Me

              I have long contemplated this portrait, and it keeps pressing upon me.  So even though I risk failure, I would also forfeit my chance of success if I shied away from it.  I had to do it.  And while I waited months for approval and response about a copyright, I decided to try my hand at sketching my own poses of this great man.  After many failures at the sketchbook...I have conceived an acceptable representation. 

             Again, I am toying with failure.  It's like playing with fire.  I hate failure.  But I know that if I fail this time and keep trying, perhaps one day I will be able to do pyrographic portraits and this one will be my all time favorite. 

             I have studied many pictures of Brother William Branham, those out of the Messenger Book Sister Rebekah put together and some various ones I found laying around.  One was on the cover of an item older than the cassette tape itself.  A large single reel of magnetic tape- not sure what it was called.  Oddly enough, though I have been able to look at portraits and somewhat decently portray people I couldn't capture the character in the eyes of this man, and thought perhaps the portrait was too over my head.  Perhaps I don't yet have the ability.  However, while listening to one of his sermons, I was able to sketch out the design used in my next piece on a piece of cherry wood.  

            I hope to make these readily available in One of A Kind pieces, Available Art Pieces, and Special Edition Portrait pieces in all different forms on all different pieces of wood.  However, this first one has to be a masterpiece first.  

            I failed to take pictures of it in sketched form but you can see my progress in burning.  I started with the eyes...and was quite unsatisfied so I sanded them clean again and started over.  Still unsatisfied so I repeated the process at least four times until I got what you see above. 

             I realize that if I fail I will at least have had practice with my shading, although cherry wood is somewhat expensive, more so than basswood.  These cherry wood pieces burn very easily, almost as easily as basswood, and burn a nice red color.  I cannot wait to burn many more of them.  

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