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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Investigating Angels

I am a believer in aliens; but not little green martians or demented monsters that torture and perform tests on humans. These videos are not proof of Russian technology because the Russians have no interest in the temple mount.

In my opinion this seems to be similar to what I imagined the Magi to have seen hanging above Jerusalem when they were on their journey to find the Christ-child. While agnostics and atheists scoff at "The End of the World", regular visits such as these should make a person wonder. Just what is going on?!

Whether you believe in aliens or not...something is going on. Someone is taking great interest in the Temple Mount and Military testing in Utah. And it is not the Russians.

I have begun work on my own special edition portrait and if I succeed I will post its progress on my blog. Thanks for coming and feel free to leave comments of your opinions of the UFO videos.

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