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Friday, February 18, 2011

Portrait Almost Complete

          After a bit more work I am nearing completion on this wonderful portrait.  I am slowly gaining confidence working with people and may in time move on to other subjects.  The shading on the left lapel and shoulder part of the suit is only begun and I may spend time touching up other areas as I go. 

           I will also fine tune the eyes and make them stand out a little more.  I can't wait to purchase more cherry wood pieces and burn many other interesting subjects on them!  I am also currently looking into leather to burn on and may soon offer some one of a kind leather canvas originals. 

          I am very pumped because as soon as this piece is complete I want to work on another great portrait that I lead sketched some time ago.  It will be more exciting because it involves a person and an animal.  It will be a Western theme, Cowboy at the Cross series.

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