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Monday, February 7, 2011

Christina Aguilera And Her Painful Rendition of Our National Anthem

           While you probably wont have an appetite for more than one round of Christina Aguilera's version of The Star Spangeled Banner  it must be said that she seems to think that running her vocal chords up and down the length of her throat is going to make it great.

          I think "stars" (those chosen to be trodden underfoot and sacrificed to the public after worship) don't understand how our National Anthem was meant to be sang.  It's a song of America's Victory, Glory, and Granduer.  Not a portrayal of strife, pain, anguish, trial and torment. 

          As my Orchestral conductor, Dr. Robert Seebacher tells us when playing great pieces of repretiore like The Great Gate of Kiev in Pictures in an Exhibition, "You want to immerse the audience in the song, not smack them oer the head with it!!"  This surely applies to our National Anthem.  Why can't we pick a decent civilian to sing our National Anthem, not a Hollywood vanity?


emily said...

uugghh my dad had the radio on in the kitchen tuned in when she sang...I was in the bathroom (which is right next to the kitchen)putting rollers in my hair when i hear what sounds like a dying cow....paying more attention I realized it was a pathetic attempt at the star-spangled banner.... that grated on my nerves!! I about ran out of the bathroom and beat the radio to pieces with a hairbrush. hahaha

Laurisa said...

I can imagine well how you felt, Em. They need to have a REAL talent contest when choosing these singers, not a popularity contest.