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Monday, January 31, 2011


           I am happy to announce the completion of my second Commission piece.  The design will be available in the Available Art section as my "Fat Chef" design. 

           It took me several hours to complete not counting the various changes at my client's request.  As you can see in the earlier post, I clouded some purple and wine color into the background but my client decided that her kitchen could use a more true red.  Thus, the change was made. 

         Also, I decided to paint my Rooster piece for all to see.  I love painting chickens and Roosters (I own a few prized birds) and since I found painting this one young Cock to be such a joy I may do whole Rooster Portraits in the near future.       

        He is detailed right down to the bloodstripe on the inside of his legs.  
        He is not sealed or finished so he appears clouded on camera but in person he is quite handsome.  I should hope to be able to burn and paint many breeds of Roosters for your kitchen soon. 

         This is one of my birds, a Buff Orpington Cross.  I have four survivors.  You'll understand what I mean if you read an old post about predators.  I love my birds.

         They are much more mature now and lay me eggs almost every day.  They're my girls, my babies, my pets, and my source of breakfast. 

          I love listening to them sing to me and enjoy singing back to them.

Their names are (from most speckled to most true Buff):  Dinah, Clementine, Babette, and Susanna.

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