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Thursday, January 27, 2011


      I have progressed greatly on the Fat Chef Kitchen Decor Piece I was commissioned to do.  With a few tweaks to the burning and calligraphy I then painted it and will seal it in a matte spray when I am sure I am satisfied with the painting. 

    This stage is almost as critical as the planning and drafting stages.  I must set the piece aside for a short time and then when I pick it back up I will notice things that may need tweaking before it is sealed. 

    It may be only two more days before this piece is completed. 

          I am also very excited to announce that my Native American Talking Stick is complete and will be listed for sale in the One of A Kind page. 

          I have sealed it in a glossy polyurethane sealer and it only waits to be used.  Here you may be able to see some of the markings burned upon it:  the kokopelli, the wolf paw, human hand, eagle, and horse.

        My camera kept altering the flash so that it reflects too brightly off the semi-precious stones.  The entire stick is very dark and mysteriously knotted and is quite gorgeous in person. 

        Please see my One of A Kind page for more details. 

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