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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Innespace Seabreacher vs the Bionic Dolphin

         I recently ran across Innespace's Seachreacher and was thoroughly impressed with their watercraft.  Impatient to show my support and fanship for such an amazing invention and team of artists, I liked them on Facebook.  Perhaps by stroke of luck of maybe divine intervention, I somehow ran across someone named Tom Rowe.  I had complimented Innespace on their page but a slight discrepancy provoked me to do a little reasearch.  
          At just thirteen years of age, I had designed craft very similar to the Seebreacher or Bionic Dolphin and had also run across a man by the name of Tom Rowe or Doc who had made for himself a Bionic Dolphin.  This man had begun his dream in 1992, the year I was born!!!  Tossing away my plans, I went on with life.  It was impossible for me anyway.  I'm no mechanic for one, just a girl with imagination.  
          When Yahoo featured Rob Innes and Dan Piaza's Seabreacher I did some googling and came across the Bionic Dolphin by a man named Tom Rowe.  Rob and Dan had been working on their SeaBreacher since 2006.  Tom Rowe had started in 1992.  I contacted Tom who has apparently taken his lot in stride but I couldn't help but detect a hint of bitterness in his words...subtle...but it was there.  Who couldn't have been hurt though?  What artist could not feel bad when his patented idea was stolen by his own students!!!   
           You might call me a muck-racker or anything else you want to, but you can't just shrug your shoulders and breathe that "Life just isn't always fair...tough luck."  As a youth I get so tired and fed up with copyrighted pictures and junk...  It's a pain when all you want to do is post a picture.  So what if someone else did it up.  But on the other hand, as a writer, musician, and pyrographer I know exactly how I would feel if one of my works was stolen.  
           Mr. Rowe probably wouldn't approve of me writing this, but I'm not one young person who will shrug at the problems of the world.  I'm going to not only preach against wrongs, I'm here to do something about it.  Yeah, I'm all talk, cause there's nothing a peon like me can do about Mr. Rowe's stolen invention and dream, but if anyone in this crumbling economy ever purchases a SeaBreacher, acknowledge Mr. Rowe as the Einstien behind it.  The injustice is as bad as if some student of Galileo's had taken all the credit for his findings, or one of Michelangelo's students took the sole credit for the Sistene Chapel ceiling, and the statue of David and Moses.  
          As far as the money is concerned- it will in my opinion be the downfall of the shiesters.  Any person shady enough, dishonest enough, and even slick enough to steal someone else's dream, someone else's patented dream, will slip up somewhere.  If they did it out of greed, greed will ruin their sucess.  Simply put, they'll get theirs.  
          If plagarism can ruin your reputation, and copyright laws can put you in jail, how is this not considered a crime?!  It would appear to me that Rob and Dan have improved the watercraft in most amazing ways, and I wouldn't try to stop anyone from purchasing a SeaBreacher... but if any of you ever do, know that Mr. Rowe has perfected his machines in ways that his students never can.  A true genius, Mr. Rowe is still one step ahead of his students.  Their only advantage is the publicity they've received.   

Just giving credit where credit is due.  - An Artist and An Activist

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