Welcome to my blog. I am a young, self-taught artist from the Gulf Coast, who wants to provide pyrographic artwork that sends a clear strong message. Please take time to look through my pages and posts. I appreciate comments, love making new friends, and covet faithful followers. Shout hello if you know me, or are just passing through.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Desperate Hands

 It's been quite some time since I've posted to this blog and I don't want my faithful followers to feel I've forgotten them.  I must admitt however that Facebook has proved much more profitable.  However, for those searching the web, I must keep pyrography alive. 

I still have not figured out what I will title this piece.  Frankly, I've been so busy it's been hard to wait for the ispiration to strike.  I greatly enjoyed working on this piece and hopet he message is strong enough. 

I also hope in the near future to do more "athletic" pieces and include horses.  Horseflesh and Human flesh in action. 

Please comment if you have an idea on what to call this piece.  I hope to move on to more inspiring projects soon.  Thanks for following and showing your support. 


Anonymous said...

this is a great piece. i love it. your work inspires me a lot and all the tips you have given me have truely helped. my daughter loves the music on this page lol.she is tryingto hum the song its too cute. I love your blog its great. thanks again!

baldeagle7 said...

How about a name like; "Trying To Get To Heaven On Your Own Merits." ?!? Or is it too long?