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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haven't Posted in a While

I haven't posted in a while but I have been burning.  Not as much as I had been able to before but steadily.  I have noticed during this period as I review my blog statistics that alot of people hit on pages mentioning pan flutes, and pyrography ship and map. 

I would like to state to these people that I love burning pyrography ships and maps and am always open to commissioned work.  My Etsy widget is currently down but I can be found on Etsy under Licksoffire and also found on Facebook under Phoenix Pyrocreations Pyrography. 

I will give quotes freely, no charge, no obligation.  You can ask me about anything you want burned and there is no obligation to go through with the request. 

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to put as much time into my blog as Facebook has proved more fruitful than Blogger but I will continue to post on here as much as I can.  I encourage everyone to contact me with any questions they have and comment!  Thanks for following,

The Artist- Phoenix Pyrocreations

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