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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lion Portrait

        I've never done very well with felines and canines but I've never given up trying.  After much consideration one basswood round seemed to be asking for an African lion and I believe that will be my next project.  He is already laid out on the wood and I hope to begin burning today, however I caught a cold over Memorial weekend so the past too days I didn't feel like working much, especially over a smoking iron when my nose is and eyes were already irritated. 

        I love working with bark on wood slabs however I feel that once I clear out the last few I have I will only use them for custom orders.  I hope to find a publisher to make giclee prints of my work so that I wont have to burn anything more than twice.  I want to work more with basswood slabs for large pieces such as the cowboy at the cross that I hope to start at the end of the summer. 

        My biggest setback with my work is the perspective.  I feel that I have no talent for unique angles, settings, or portrayals of subjects.  I hope that within a short time I can work some uniqeness into my protrayal of wildlife, people, and whatever else I burn.  Thanks for coming, don't forget to drop a comment and feel free to ask any questions.  Also, take a look at my facebook page!

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