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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue Angels Tribute

When I finally decided (with the help of FB friends) to do a tribute to Blue Angel number 6 I realized this piece of wood wanted two jets.

My next question was, which two?  6 and another?  Should I even do 6? 

I hope this will be my last burning on oak ever as it is so horrenously horrible to burn on.  The subject I picked tends to give the viewer's eye a feeling of cold hard steel and sharp angles which applied well to the wood in my opinion.  Some of the edges are rough but overall it turned out nicely.

I'm sure some of my Facebook followers and you reader have been wondering why I leave many of my works in an unfinished state.  Do you ever wonder if they are available for sale?  Why yes, actually I do this because my works are often open for personalization and customization.  For instance, if I had sealed this piece already the purchaser would not be able to request that I burn a name or date along the bottom.  My pieces remain in a semi-uncomplete state for this reason. 

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Project Update:  I had a slight complication with the deer feet but I will be working with them and soon tackling the gun rack project.  I hope to find the right piece of wood for it very soon. 

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