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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contemporary Art?

I am not a fan of the contemporary art style.  I am a realist and I also like to dabble in impressionism when the subject calls for it.  I love to walk through the woods and on some occassions I bring home water-carved pieces of wood.  Some of this wood is pine and I do not like to work with pine.  However, once I dug up what I thought was a rubber chew toy, or a child's plaything out of the mud.  It turns out they are roots of some kind.  If you stand back and let them lay in the grass they tend to remind you of something a neighborhood dog might have left behind.  But other than that they impress me.  The lumps, the bumps.  

The wood is very very light and porous so I have sealed it to strengthen it as I work.  Over the next few days I shall wait for the inspiration on just how to complement these woodpieces.  I already have in mind to use copper, turqoise, and perhaps even fishscales.  This will be a very interesting project.  I don't even know what to call it.  

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