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Thursday, December 2, 2010


           Because I planned on using oils for this model I had to wait out a rainy day.  It was way too cold to venture out to clean my brushes and palette in mineral spirits and freezing water.  This morning, I remembered two acrylics Breyer had supplied me in two custom kits that I had left over from the previous kit models.  Some of the colors I hadn't used. 

           As I began mixing and meditating I found that I was not as set on a strawberry roan as I had before thought.  In fact, I was drawn to the gold.    In the picture below you can see the pink first coat partially covered by the primary first coat. 

            In the following photograph I made some headway and after several breaks in which I stood back to scrutinize my work I found that the gleaming white which nicely accentuated the lower legs and face, made her buttocks appear too large and...odd from certain angles.

          I found that a brown wash coat with a black wash coat over it made a beautiful tail.  Even though I was liking the palomino look I knew that what I really wanted was a buckskin paint.  Or even a Palomino/Buckskin paint.  I spent alot of time working with various washcoats to build the tones in the shading of the muscle and the legs.  There is also some washcoat work in the face which is darker than the rest of the body. 
       Here is the finished product, which has yet to be sealed.  She is Exquisitely gorgeous in my opinion and I will covet your opinions and comments on her.  Though I created her to sell, I must enjoy her for sometime.  She was a joy to create and the only real reward for an artist is the enjoyment and satisfaction. 

                                                       Here she is at several different angles. 


RLT Art said...

Really lovely custom model horse!
I'm into model horses and am a member of a model horse forum ( http://www.modelhorselove.com/ )
I really love the shading and warmth of the coat colour - it really is fantastic!
And thankyou for your recent comment on my blog page too :)

Laurisa said...

Thank you for the kind comment and for following my blog, Rebecca! I have a long way to go before I can be anywhere near as good as many of those model artists on MHL but I sure enjoy customizing and will keep at it. This model makes my first three look pathetic which is encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your latest post... I like the black mane much better than the white. The pattern is very realistic too... did you model it after a horse you have seen before, or seen a picture of? it looks really good.

Laurisa said...

I did not have any referances although I did Google pictures of Dun Paints and Palamino Paints. Her coat pattern and hair color was of my own design. I believe there are very few horses with her combination.