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Monday, November 29, 2010

Diving Back For More

               Now that Thanksgiving is behind me I jump back into my routine and finish one project as I move into another.  Although these have nothing to do with Pyrography they are worthy projects to post and I will add that I have completed the commissioned project with the poem called "The Burden". 

               I removed nearly all of the paint from the model using Nail Polish Remover and will begin coating the model with a first layer of paint so that the following layers will adhere better.  I am still tossing around a few ideas for the coat color so if anyone has any ideas, please comment. 

            The bobcat rug I was commissioned to do is nearly completed.  Today I will be finishing sewing it and re-gluing an area once mischievous little cousin pulled lose.  To any more experience taxidermist I must mention that this is my second mount, and first cat.  Despite its obvious faults I have every reason to be proud of it. 

          Although it was a small cat, her pelt is so beautiful and with the care I put into her, she should last a long time. 

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sarah said...

This is awsome! Looks like you had fun!
Did not know that you had that in you...LOL
This is the first time I have ever been on your blog and I like it allot!
Tell Olivia I said Hi

Love Sarah Freitas